What is SchoolSite Locator?

SchoolSite Locator™ is an easy-to-use and cost effective way for school district staff and the community to determine school assignments for user-entered addresses. Davis Demographics provides each District a unique web address (URL) linked to our servers which provides access to live attendance boundary mapping, school assignment lookup, and a variety of mapping tools. SchoolSite Locator works for all Districts, whether you have your own GIS data or wish to leverage the ready-to-use street data we have for your District.

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  • How SchoolSite Locator saves time and money!

    SchoolSite Locator saves time (and money) in two major ways:
    1. Parents and community members get questions answered by using the web application from the District's home page thereby eliminating phone calls that would otherwise have to be handled by District staff
    2. The remaining phone calls that do come into the District are handled by staff quickly and more efficiently, thereby saving additional time.
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    How much can my district save?

    Based upon our 20 years of client feedback and web mapping experience, we have created a simple calculator to help you understand the cost savings from using SchoolSite Locator. Enter the enrollment of your District below and the calculator will estimate the savings for you. The average District saves over $10,000 annually.

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Key Features

  • Address lookup / School assignment
  • Accessible from desktop web browsers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Comprehensive rich street base maps
  • Integrated aerial photography
  • Geocoding can be customized to use local County or District GIS data or online map sources
  • Display attendance areas for elementary, middle, and high school as well as custom zones
  • Pick from a growing list of school actions such as:
    • View driving directions to schools
    • View a school's attendance boundary
    • View information and download documents for school registration
  • Measure distances and areas on the map
  • Popup display of school information
  • Customizable list of school information
  • Links to school websites
  • Include additional custom map layers (bus stops, trustee areas, transportation regions, etc.)
  • Supports custom grade configurations
  • Displays multiple school results for open enrollment options
  • Available in both English and Spanish
  • Ability to embed the SchoolSite Locator widget directly into your district's homepage for complete integration with existing systems
  • Quality boundary data created by DDP, the experts in school GIS and mapping

Sample Custom Sites

  • Stockton Unified School District

Offers multiple elementary school choice (open enrollment) and links to PDF registration forms.

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  • Milwaukee Public Schools

Includes custom 'transportation zone' and 'specialty schools' map layers.

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